Effective Gassy Stomach Relief: The Best 10 Tips for Smooth Digestion

10 Gassy Stomach Relief Tips


1. Eat first the foods that are easy to digest to avoid gassy stomach. It is important that you eat first the foods that are easiest to digest then gradually eat those harder-to-digest foods.

Your digestive system is similar to a highway, traffic is caused by slower cars in front, clogging the traffic because the faster cars cannot pass through.

This is also what happens to your food. Therefore, consume first those easy-to-digest foods and eat those harder-to-digest foods  last.

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Here is a list of food groups and the time it takes for them to be fully digested:

  • Fluids (water and juices) – 20 to 30 mins.
  • Soft fruits, vegetables, shakes, broth- 30 to 45 mins.
  • Legumes, grains and other carbohydrates- 2 to 3 hrs.
  • Poultry, red meat, fish- at least 3 hrs.

2. Incorporate hot or warm fluids during meal time. Many people ask about  how to relieve bloating. The simple solution to such dilemma is through drinking warm fluids. Cold drinks taken during meals can make digestion slower; cold drinks freeze up the digestive muscles, causing the muscles to become rigid and not function well. On the other hand, drinking warm or room temperature fluids such as soup, decaffeinated tea and juice will improve your digestion. (Do not forget tip #1 to drink your fluids first before meals.) a must

3. Eat regularly on your specific meal times. You should eat similar food groups at a specific time of the day. You must set and follow specific mealtimes, and during these mealtimes, eat similar food groups. Through this, your digestive system will be consistent and efficient. This means that your digestive system will have a regular input and a regular output.

4. Watch what you eat and how much you eat. The main reason of indigestion is eating more than one can handle. The stomach only sends signals to  the brain 10 minutes after being actually full. So by this time, we have already eaten too much. So the secret to avoid overeating is to stop eating before feeling full. You will feel full 10 minutes after you stopped eating.

5. Avoid talking while eating and chew your food well. When eating, avoid talking and chew your food well, otherwise you will swallow your food prematurely. The digestive system cannot digest large chunks of food which can lead to indigestion and gassy stomach.

6. Relax and eat slowly. Do not eat in a hurry as it can affect your digestive system. When the digestive muscles are stressed the digestive process slows down. During meals, take time to relax and eat slowly.

7. Keep proper posture during meal times. Not sitting properly and slouching will cause added pressure on the organs of your digestive system. When this happens, indigestion or prolonged digestion occurs. You should try sitting properly, with your shoulders pulled back in a relax manner and tuck in your chin. This posture can greatly help your digestion.

8. Avoid late night meals. Just like the rest of our body organs, the digestive system also slows down when we are about to rest and sleep at night. When we eat late at night, the amount of digestive enzymes is not enough to digest the food. The undigested foods remain in the stomach and can prevent you from having an undisturbed sleep.

9. Brisk walk after meals. Forget the myth about being not active after meals. Because being physically active after meals can actually increase the amount of digestive enzymes and hasten the digestion process. Brisk walking after meals can lessen indigestion and relieve bloating.

10. Do spinal twist. Spinal twists can release toxins and gases that cause gassy stomach. Doing spinal twists can help you feel calm. You can do this by sitting and crossing your legs, while in this position twist to the right and take five deep breaths, then twist to the left ad repeat the five deep breaths.

Check Out How to Relieve Gassy Stomach Naturally with This Comprehensive Guide


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