Have You Tried Paleo Yet?


Ever heard about the paleo diet? Well this page attempts to highlight little known but crucial tips about paleo diet. The plan, so fundamental yet extremely effective involves eating nothing short of unprocessed, ideally organic foodstuff.

The value of this diet is based on the premise that people lived on it during hunter gatherer times – and were in better health compared to present day generation. Furthermore, the paleo menu comes with all that you desire in terms of taste and value.

The hunter-gatherer diet, as it is commonly referred to comprise simple inexpensive foods which can be found all around us. It really is easy to pursue a Paleolithic diet if you choose to simply take holistic and original foods such as fresh fruits, nuts including their respective oils, avocado and many more. You should avoid any food additives or supplements.

Once you get started on the paleo diet, avoid food intake that contain dairy ingredients such as processed sugar, yeast, starch, legumes etc. It is fine to consume most common veggies. You can tailor your daily meals to include niceties such as eggs, meat fish and fruit. Choose appropriate paleo recipes for your breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner.

The following paleo breakfast menu consists of various components to enable you start your day on a fresh footing:

  • Grilled tomatoes plus chicken liver and bacon
  • Panned spinach with two eggs
  • Two eggs plus fillings to make an omelette. No dairy ingredients
  • Smoothies of fresh fruits. Use berries, bananas, nuts and coconut. Blend it in ice-cold mix.

By shifting your diet preferences to the paleo diet program, you would be doing the fairest justice to your deserving body. You will not only get your body to function properly but be able to suppress common ailments such as diabetes and obesity. Get up and go the paleo diet way.

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